Muslim mother associates daughter

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The Holy Prophet S told him: The following actions are considered disrespectful: From infancy to adulthood, it is unparalleled tender love and care of the parents which brings the child from the stage of absolute weakness and helplessness to perfect strength and independence. When one does this, Allah will make easy the agony of death. But the superiority of parents is derived from the superiority of Allah; their authority is based upon the commands of Allah. His affluence and independence has changed to poverty and his health has turned into disease. Just as it is Wajib for the children to respect, honour and fulfill the rights of their parents, it is incumbent upon the mother and the father to fulfill the rights, which the children have upon them.

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If they are not given proper religious education at this stage, then only Allah can save them from misleading influences.

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If such an action will result in harm to both the spouses, it is not obligatory to obey the parents. But she is not obliged to earn her livelihood; nor is she duty-bound to take up the drudgery of domestic work. Tyrant parents are a danger to Muslim society and family. The words of Hazrat Isa a. The books of traditions of both the Shias as well as the Sunnis validate this fact.

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muslim mother associates daughter
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muslim mother associates daughter
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