Anal sac abscess

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This is called 'scooting'. This article will help you better understand anal glands. Anal sac impaction occurs when the liquid accumulates and thickens, causing the anal sacs to become distended and difficult to empty. The second stage of the disease is known as anal sacculitis, or inflammation of the anal sac. When anal sac disease is at the abscess stage, a surgical procedure is required if the abscess has not already ruptured.

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This is called 'scooting'.

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Mites dig under the skin, by doing that they are damaging the skin and the hair follicles. During the sacculitis stage, the impacted fluid may become thinner and fill with pus. And this material has a terrible odor. Was this article helpful? When this occurs, the animal will sit down on its rear quarters and drag its anal area across the floor or ground.

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anal sac abscess
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anal sac abscess
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