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Jafar's army commander Razoul entered the room bowed before the sultan and gave a hungry smile in the naked slave's direction. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. He had got the boon of becoming the greatest sorcerer on the earth from the Genie and had made Princess Jasmine, the beautiful daughter of the then sultan his slave. There was a knock on the door. Top of Work Index. Jafar already felt his pants under a bit of strain as a result of the display before him. Jasmine again giggled, "Don't get any funny ideas, boy, it's not gonna happen.

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His long tiger cock hovered inches from Jasmine's pussy- only her hand in the way between the two.

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The sound of Jasmine's slick pussy slamming against the base of Rajah's cock made a quick rhythmic wet slapping sound that filled the room-only exceeded by Jasmine's gasps and screams of passion. A fine stage and all. Rajah loved the sensation of fucking his master, her tight little hole squeezing him so very tightly. And after a performance like that, she intended to let Rajah do whatever he wanted with her body. It was Jafar's turn to moan and grunt with pleasure. She was nothing but his sex slave now and she would remain so as long as she lived.

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jasmine jafar sex pic
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