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After a while, one of the postdocs who was sitting in summoned up enough courage to challenge Feynman: How do the answers to these questions bear on explanation of the prevalence of bulimia among some groups of young women in the U. I'm always careful to explain the nature of my interest, and I stress that I am neither particularly attracted nor repelled by the prospect of period-porn, which at least makes it a bit more likely that I'll get full, honest responses, though many enthusiasts are simply glad to talk about their special interest with anyone not overtly hostile. So far as I can tell, there are just two aspects of human beings that are extremely rare in pictorial pornography: Evolutionary explanations typically do not reach the level of individual actions, but aim instead to provide plausible arguments for the existence of biological mechanisms that would tend to encourage or discourage certain types of adaptive or non-adaptive behavior. The smelly or touchy stimulus becomes detached from the person onto a nonliving substance, artifact or object. Because I find it somewhat easier to explain the relative rarity of puke-porn for the reasons adumbrated, I say little about it here.

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This Guy’s In-Depth Description About His Period Blood Fetish Is Completely Fucking Gross

It has been that way since I was a young girl. Miller, [22] but none of them was able to offer an explanation, helpful as their comments were. The thought of ingesting some of it is hot, but not too much as a kid I once accidentally swallowed a bunch of blood from a loose tooth and got super queasy so I always associate blood-drinking with that. Basically, a fetish for period sex isn't for wimps. My preliminary information is that at least in Europe, period-porn is also relatively rare. For that reason, this paper is slightly out of place in a symposium on fetishes though I don't fault the conference's organizers for that - I'm glad that they found somewhere to put such an unusual topic. He does have a great deal to say about taboos and about the development of sexual fetishes, though little explicitly about menstruation.

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