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To everyone's surprise it was Beast Boy who immediately took control of the situation "Batman, take Robin, Cyborg and Starfire to the bank, you'll need them to deal with Killer Moth, Fang and Kitten. Then came the awakenings. Oh… Where Starfire said "It changed. Nightwing and the baby will be right behind us. I caught a glimpse of my girl through the crowd of people as Argent hurried her to the medical bay. I just… this is important. Here was this man, bolted to a chair hugging him.

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A father… That tiny bundle of perfection nestled in Starfire's arms, is mine.

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It is the most painful thing you have ever experienced. Starfire and I looked up at her and smiled, just in time for the camera to click, without a flash. Robin's voice cracked "So" he cleared his throat "So we can't remove any of those…things until we get him back to the tower? Donna could choose between the nice and shy Aqualad, funny Kid Flash, dashing Robin, and badboy Speedy. Argent patted my arm.

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naked raven and starfire at the docters
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naked raven and starfire at the docters
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