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I'm so full right now! Rated M for Nudity and a series of lesbian sex. Bubbles threw her head back on the couch and arched her back as she felt her sisters breath on her breasts. Blossom and Buttercup enjoyed hearing and seeing Bubbles relishing in pleasure and desire as they continued to pleasure their beloved sister. As the girls began eating, Bubbles purposefully let some yoke fall on her breasts. At the end of the episode the camera pulls away and reveals that Mojo has definitely "stripped more than his power" as the Mayor has been stripped nude, save for his hat and monocle, asking the Powerpuff Girls to tell him what was so funny.

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After the game, Blossom was declared the winner.

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Elizabeth Daily: Buttercup

She wears her bow but no ponytail, and she is bawling at the top of her lungs sports a single tuft of blond hair at the top of her head and sucks on a pacifier. I got you, Buttercup! Rated M for Nudity and a series of lesbian sex. In the meantime, you to get busy making out and stuff. I do make some mean meals, don't I?

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