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The higher rate of illiteracy is a risk factor for the development ofAD 8. These benefits include delayed institutionalization and enhanced quality of life of people with dementia and their caregivers 4. By representing Iran, Gerami said, she wanted to tell "the other story of Iran", that positive stories about her home country do exist. World population is projected to increase 3. In the wake of the London Olympics, I signed up for the challenge of the Blenheim and London triathlons. Statistical Center of Iran, authors. Although population aging is occurring in both developed and developing countries, the most rapid aging is taking place primarily in relatively newly industrialized or developing countries.

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Population aging generates many challenges and sparks concerns about the pace of future economic growth, the operation and financial integrity of health care and pension systems, and the well-being of the elderly.

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US threatens European companies with sanctions after Iran deal pullout

There are some important characteristics of dementia in general and AD specifically in Iran in terms of culture, public knowledge and socioeconomic aspects EU sets course for US clash with law blocking Iran sanctions. However, as a result of increasing urbanization, large-scale migration, employment of both men and women, smaller size of families, and longer life expectancy of old people in the recent decades, a major change has been occurring in the public attitude toward this issue. The International Triathlon Union said it considers gender equality as very important and has supported Shirin Gerami in her triathlon journey. The rapid increase of the older women, and especially the older-old women: Trump himself hinted that there would be no concessions to European firms during remarks at the White House last week in which he confirmed the US withdrawal, which he promised during the presidential campaign. Other important issues which should be addressed in a national planning for elderly population are:.

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